Most traditional Ballroom and Latin Dancing is done with a partner but if you would like to have a go by yourself we've got something for you!! Ballroom is mostly danced in hold however we have added some ballroom feels to an American Smooth vibe to cater for those who want to dance like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rodgers.
Choose from one of our videos below for some individual steps and routines. These routines are short and sweet and are a variety of all different capabilities. If you just want to move on a night out or you want to start your journey to becoming a Professional dancer then work your way through these little Diamonds.
Remember you can't rent or buy any of these videos.




Join Cara and Kerri in their tutorial of Cha Cha Cha, in this video they take you through a routine with a little urban feel, at a nice slow easy pace.

The routine has been careful broken down for you to make it super easy to learn. Have a go and repeat as many times as you need.

Have a go a this simple Samba routine with Cara and Kerri. This is a short, easy routine that'll leave you wanting a bit more. This is suitable for the intermediate dancer who has a little Samba knowledge or for anyone who wants to give something new a go. Take it at your own speed.


Michael and Jowita have created these routines exclusively for Diamonds Online, you wont find these on the internet anywhere else. Take their Paso Doble class as they demonstrate how to tackle this dance. It is all side by side work so can be danced by yourself. You also get to see how to dance it from a male or female perspective .

Its short and sweet but fast. Give Cara and Kerri's Charleston tutorial a go and see if you make it through to music.

Something a little different to what you're used to maybe but we hope you have as much fun giving this a go as we did creating it.

Join Emily Barker in her contemporary tutorial. The routine is approximately 1 minute long and will introduce you to this beautiful genre of dance.

Emily has broken down the routine perfectly and is easy to follow. It is all solo work so you can learn it at home by yourself, or if you fancy it, get together with a friend and learn it side by side. 

Enjoy learning this fun and energetic Samba routine created just for us at Diamonds Online. Whether you are Male or Female, Young or Old, Join The Greatest Dancers Michael and Jowita in this easy to learn Samba routine 

If you fancy something a little energetic and fun definitely take a look at this Jive routine with Cara and Kerri. They had so much fun making this choreography up for you and they hope you enjoy it as much as they did.