Why spend extra minutes in lessons when you can find them all on here? Click on the link above to find the IDTA routines for Qualifiers and Nationwide for 2021.

Be one step ahead, download the videos and learn them in your own time.

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"Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!"

Learn how to get that competitive look with our online make-up tutorials. Click the link above to keep yourself updated on the modern look!

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How often do you stretch?Stretching is key to improving your ability as a dancer.  Stretching has many benefits including flexibility, stronger technique, improved lines and range of motion, muscle awareness and injury prevention.  Stretching is just as important as daily exercise for all ages. 

Don't let stamina be the reason you didn't win! Generally, dancers lack cardiovascular fitness and this can lead to injury. Don't move past this point before you know you are physically fit enough to succeed.

One of the most important subjects that we all put last on our list.

Increase your knowledge on nutrition!!!!

Eating the right foods can increase energy, focus and concentration. Finding the proper balance of nutrients not only prevents fatigue and injury, but also supports a long healthy career in dance.